DVD Preview: "Comming of angels the sequel"

A classic porn movie

Once upon a time, there were three angels... They were young, they were beautiful, and when the occasion called for it, they were the most torrid sexual sleuths ever created! You see, the angels ran a detective agency that specialized in the most intimate and provocative undercover investigations imaginable. From mean streets to satin sheets, open your mind and forget your inhibitions for A Coming Of Angels - The Sequel. As our story opens, a U.S. Senator (Jamie Gillis) discovers that his daughter is kidnapped. First, classy Carrie (Annette Haven) takes on the case (and the Senator!) in a steamy interview where more than information unfolds. Soon, amorous Allison (Ginger Lynn) gets the lusty lowdown from the Senatorīs hardened assistant (Eric Edwards) while Michelle (Kelly Nichols) sniffs out many a carnal clue to unravel the case. Stopping at nothing, these glamorous gumshoes finally expose the kidnappers (and much, much more!) in this steamy tale featuring virtually every top star in adult films today.

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